These free tutorials are simple and effective ways to create fast effects for backgrounds in your comics. If you use these please Donate to help keep productions going.
Energy Effects Learn how to create energy effects, sparkles, and lights! Use various sized or shaped brushes and colors for all kinds of wild effects! Realistic Flames Learn how to create a realistic looking fire in a few easy steps. Even make wild colored fires with Blue and Green flames! Photoshop Brushes coming soon!
Lightning Learn how to create some crazy lightning without using a brush! Easily done with barely any effort. Great for those who don't have a tablet! Choppy Waters More water effects, this time wirh an even more realistic look. Churn up your own high seas adventure art with this super fast tutorial!
Water Ripples If something hits the water, it's gonna make ripples. Now, you can make water ripples without having to get wet. Starfield It's hard to do a realistic looking starfield if you don't know how. Poking a few white dots on a black background only gets you so far. This tutorial will help you get even further into Space!
Warped Space This tutorial will show you how to create a strange looking warp space for all your twilight zone needs.