Chrissy's Warped Space Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial follows the choppy water tutorial and actually switches up right after the last step to create a crazy looking Twilight Zone warp space. This could be extremely useful for a lot of projects.

Step One:

Do the entire choppy water tutorial right up to adding the color with the color balance tool. This will give you the base for the warp space image you'll be creating.

The fun thing is ... you can even try basing this tutorial on other tutorials like the flames, lightning, and more to see what weird looks you can come up with.

Step Two:

Select different colors of your choice in the tool bar and then go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds a few times ... as many times as you want. You'll come up with a very strange and colorful warped space to use as a background in your projects.
Model: Christine Weiser

Heeeelp Meeeee!

Get some silly pictures of you and your friends and use a lot of filters and effects to warp them all out of shape and put them in your warp space. How fun! There's no end to the maddness!