LOM: The Adventures of Chibi-Chrissy Our spin off of the Legends series. Chrissy shrinks down to mini (chibi) size and get herself into all kinds of mischief! From going to war with Cellar Spiders to hunting for treasure with the Tree Frog Tribe, her adventures never get old! This is our weekly web comic series. It will be updated every Wednesday unless Chrissy is too busy to draw them. So, keep checking back for more fun!
The Webcomic List
Miscellaneous These are random comics or comic strips we do. Just for fun ... we'll put them here to share. They can range from anything to beating the hell out of our computers, having chocolate eating contests with friends (imagine the tummy aches!), and hunting down rare merchandise at a local convention! No topic is too silly or off the wall to be slapped in this section. Some unfinished pages from other series may grace this section.
You can view more of my art at DeviantART!